Westwood Academy was developed as a conduit through which Paul Westwood Nickerson, and the rest of the Westwood CEA team could share their knowledge of sustainable farming practices with folks interested in small, mid-scale, and even commercial soilless farming techniques.
With a backgrounds in Environmental Science and International Development, Paul has traveled to over 25 countries studying integrated agriculture practices, and advising on policy and project implementations for private companies, governments, and NGOs.
This comprehensive online course is designed to share what he has learned in a way that is easy for students to build the foundational skills needed to designed, construct, and operate successful aquaponic systems.

"So many online aquaponic courses teach students how to build one type of aquaponic system, as though there is one system for every application.

We built this course to be different [...] to equip students with the methodologies, formulas, and techniques that my team uses to solve problems, and build custom solutions for some of industries most unique facilities."

- Paul Westwood, Instructor